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Posted on 23. Jul, 2009 by in News

I left Boulder with high hopes and much excitement about traveling to South Africa. I was traveling with Sarah and Stephanie Marvez, Nelson Caryannis, and Flannery Shay-Nemirow. Chuck Fryberger left a few days earlier, and Kevin Jorgeson would meet us in Cape Town. The trip began with a two hour flight to Houston, followed by a nine hour flight to London.

IMG_6204 LDN

The River Thames

A ten hour layover gave us the chance to see London town a bit, take a brief tour of the Tate Museum, eat an excellent Indian food lunch and gear up for the 11 hour flight to Cape Town, which is on the south western tip of the African continent. Cape Town is a beautiful city with a European feel. As the plane eased its way on to the runway, Table Mountain, which dominates over the city, came into view. We didn’t spend very much time there, but apparently there is a strong jazz and theatre scene and it seemed vibrant and energetic.

IMG_6248 Table Mountain


The airport is small and we gathered our luggage and quickly drove out of town, heading north on the N7. We passed several townships along the way, which are some of the worst living conditions I have seen.


That being said, at no time did I ever feel like my safety was threatened on the entire trip. I think South Africa is a safe destination. I talked with several people on the plane who were from Cape Town, and the impression I got from them was that there were parts of the city that were not so good to visit, but for the most part, if you were aware of your surroundings, you were fine. Both had lived in the city for more that 30 years, and neither has a been a victim of crime.

The drive was gorgeous as the scenery opened up and after three hours or so we made our way to Clanwilliam, a small and quiet village of the jumping off point for the bouldering in the Rocklands.

IMG_6299Onward to the Cederberg.

That evening, we drove the 45minutes up and over Pakhuis Pass, and into the majesty of the Rocklands…

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