South Africa

Posted on 22. Jun, 2009 by in News

Tuesday I leave for London, then Cape Town and finally the Rocklands. I will be there for a month. The internet seems questionable and I will do everything I can to update as much as possible. If the updates are lacking it is because the internet is lacking and I will post things when I return. I am psyched to say the least!

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  1. Justin

    22. Jun, 2009

    See you there Jamie, I leave a week from today. PSYCHED!!!

  2. sock hands

    22. Jun, 2009

    yo just give me your admin password and i’ll keep the updates rolling. crumblehood will be going off soon and i’ll keep it well covered.

  3. nick

    22. Jun, 2009

    if you stay at dePakhyus they have wifi at the farmhouse that they don’t mind you picking up from outside. its good enough for email, blog posts, but pics and vids will be slooooww.

  4. Narc

    23. Jun, 2009

    I like the sound of Sock Hands’s plan

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