Mt. Evans

Mt. Evans

Posted on 21. Jun, 2009 by in News

Nalle Hukataival has continued his tear by putting up one of the best problems in Colorado, Sunseeker 8B. While many people have spent time developing Area B over the last few years, this project went strangely neglected. I have been very busy lately but was hoping if I posted pictures someone would head up there and get it done. Nalle writes “Amazing problem! One of the best in CO”. I agree. Time and again, the best climbers spend their time putting up the best problems and in a matter of a few days Nalle has climbed one equal to his ability. Very well done.

Sunseeker 8B

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8 Responses to “Mt. Evans”

  1. JD

    21. Jun, 2009

    Equal to his ability? That may be underestimating Mr. Hukkataival – he only gave it a rating of v13 – considering his whomping of Jade.

  2. B3

    21. Jun, 2009

    I guess what I meant to say is that Nalle is an amazing climber, one of the best in the world, and this problem could be described in the same way.

  3. Seth

    21. Jun, 2009

    Damn Jemerson! I count on you to be there for these ground-breaking events!!! How else is the general pop. going to see your stellar videos?? I will pardon you on this occassion, but please inform everyone that FA’s will not take place without you and your camera in hand. (unless you send A.M. in your stead).

    Thanks for understanding.

  4. sockhands

    22. Jun, 2009

    does anyone know if cam cross had previously done the “stand” start to this? i know he had been close last year.

  5. B3

    22. Jun, 2009

    Cam had done the stand start last year with the landing in a much worse condition than its present state. Not sure if he gave it a name. Andre saw him do it and speaks very highly of his effort and willingness to commit over a horrendous landing.

  6. sock hands

    22. Jun, 2009

    werd to the cam props. also, another young ex-paradise crew jedi known to roam evans had done it from the cam start as well late in the season [no snow].

    no thanks!

  7. Cam

    23. Jun, 2009

    I called the stand start “Conspicuous Consumption”.

    The sit is the proud line though. I’m glad to see that it went. Nice effort on Nalle’s part.


  8. tendon

    23. Jun, 2009

    Amazing accomplishment. That problem has it all.
    props…sure glad Carlo found that thing…;)

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