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Red Feather Lakes

Posted on 16. Jun, 2009 by in News

There is an article in the newest issue of the The DeadPoint Magazine about the “new” bouldering in Red Feather. One correction is that I have been bouldering there for 7 years, since I first moved to Colorado, but only recently have I been able to leave a mark. Otherwise a very nice article. Sums up the nature of the climbing there well.
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7 Responses to “Red Feather Lakes”

  1. Nick

    16. Jun, 2009

    Wow, do they have an editor or even a spellcheck for their articles?

  2. sockhands

    16. Jun, 2009

    OMG jamie you are old! snively corrections about the duration of your feather experience = total old man move. nice!

    note: i’ve pulled this trick a few times already as well. so, where can i get a nice old rocking chair, a porch, and some lazy days to watch pass?

    old is the new RAD

    suckit kids!

  3. B3

    16. Jun, 2009

    Just because your climbing is winding down doesn’t mean everyones is. I am just starting…

  4. michael rathke

    17. Jun, 2009

    I was bouldering in Lake Huron today at the tip of the thumb of michigan

    The most quality rock I have seen in the world, it is too quality with too few of holds. There is many many hard lines. This area is on private property and I was lucky enough to skid through, climb, and be friendly to some cool land owners that warned me about the cops ticketing trespassers. I don’t recommend anyone going here.

  5. sock hands

    17. Jun, 2009

    the end is near. i feel cold. i see a bright light. i’m tired, emerson, tired. the light is so warm and it is drawing me closer. my climbing is dead.

  6. michael rathke

    18. Jun, 2009

    nice attitude still

  7. michaelrathke

    20. Jun, 2009

    shabahands is nevar rank yo

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