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Swiss Photos

Posted on 10. Jun, 2009 by in News

I was going through some pictures of Switzerland and realized how few I posted when we were there. Here are some more for your enjoyment.

Ryan Olson sends Salut au Toit 7C+, Chironico

Brian Capps sends Marilyn Monroe 8A, Brione

Brian Capps sends Sweet Home Alambama 7C+, Cresciano

img_8413 The Electric Ant 8B, Chironico

img_8512 Olson on New Base Line 8B+, Magic Wood

3 Responses to “Swiss Photos”

  1. seth

    10. Jun, 2009

    more swissy photos please. nice shots Jamie. S.H.A. looks amazing!

  2. Tendon

    10. Jun, 2009

    What the hell is up with Brians Face on Marilyn Monroe?
    thats the weirdest brian grrr face I’ve seen

    Kinda looks like he realized he dabbed
    and he’s about to head-butt the rock for payback.

    swissy looks very nice…again…

  3. sidepull

    11. Jun, 2009

    how did you get so many pads to swissy?

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