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Alex Johnson has made the FFA of Whispers of Wisdom V10 at Emerald Lake in RMNP. It sounds like a very impressive one day effort. This is one of the best problems in Colorado and a benchmark for V10. Well done!!

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  1. sockhands

    21. May, 2009

    nice! psyched for this news! a worthy ffa!

  2. anthony

    21. May, 2009

    do you know of any video of this problem?

  3. […] CragBaby provides a trip beta guide to bouldering in Bishop, California. Alex Johnson made the FFA of Whispers of Wisdom (V10) at Emerald Lake in Rocky Mountain National […]

  4. CrackFiend

    23. May, 2009

    If you can get your hands on a copy of the now obscure and hard-to-find Colorado Daydream.

  5. Ange

    23. May, 2009

    sick, alex!!!!!!! glad that one finally saw an FFA

  6. cardboard_dog

    24. May, 2009

    Jamie .. I’m sure if it happened it would have come out but I swear that Thomas and !@#$!@ and I were climbing at Emerald one day and !#!@#$! told us he spotted Chris Shulte’s girlfriend on a very shakey ascent of Whispers .. ??

  7. cardboard_dog

    26. May, 2009

    ’round about 06 that is ..

  8. yk

    01. Jun, 2009

    yeah, didnt jodizzle climb that one back in the day

  9. cardboard_dog

    02. Jun, 2009

    dude, I won’t put his name on here but he has big sweaty hands and he said that Jody sent Wispers. Maybe there was a dab?

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