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Cage Free

Posted on 08. May, 2009 by in Bouldering Videos

Boulder Canyon is home to some great granite boulders close to home. Here is one of the best, and a nice little video from Sander Pick.

Cage Free from Jamie Emerson.

14 Responses to “Cage Free”

  1. Wader

    08. May, 2009

    Nice! What the hell was I doing in that first clip, must of been that Dip?

  2. Dom

    08. May, 2009

    nice editing; clean video!

  3. sock hands

    08. May, 2009

    off piste wade sighting! sander’s name looks strange to me spelled correctly.. i honestly read it pander sick ever time i read it, whether spelled correctly or not. synapse fail!

  4. mike rathke

    08. May, 2009

    guaranteeing a flash of cage free in fall of 09

  5. sticcs

    08. May, 2009

    thats some quality stuff.. makes me miss boulder canyon more than I already do! keep it up

  6. mike rathke

    09. May, 2009

    je, will u carve a set of plastic holds with directions ?

  7. slabdyno

    11. May, 2009


  8. hardass

    11. May, 2009

    yes he will, and sander used the tree

  9. mike rathke

    11. May, 2009

    dear wade david and everyone else
    if u r going to use tobacco i highly recommend a vitamin c supplement.


    good luck with quitting, my dad is not trying at all right now but he wants to quit really badly. ill keep you all filled in on his progress or decline as im going to help him quit tomorrow.
    unfortunately last week my mom passed away from her battle from lung cancer.

    je will send the black lung in the fall.

  10. mike rathke

    11. May, 2009

    he is trying to quit now. he has a neclace in his pocket that helped him quit for a week last time he tried.

    and The Crow dyno at gl has smaller hand holds, bigger feet, and is a farther jump than cage free.

  11. Kevin

    11. May, 2009

    You can see the tree in the water, nowhere near the start.

  12. mike rathke

    12. May, 2009

    it hits him in the face lol

  13. mike rathke

    13. May, 2009

    my dad has not smoked in over 50 hours.

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