The Ghost King

Posted on 06. May, 2009 by in Bouldering Videos

It’s a gorgeous day in Boulder and I am in a good mood. Enjoy the FA of The Ghost King, a great new problem I put up a few weeks ago, just up the road from the new parking for Area 51.

7 Responses to “The Ghost King”

  1. Ryan

    06. May, 2009

    Whoa! Are those pads magical?

  2. wyclimber

    07. May, 2009

    Nice line Jamie, very impressive! Perhaps even more impressive is the magical pad that moves itself. Where can I get one of those?

  3. B3

    07. May, 2009

    I know, I know. The tape was skipping and we had go back. I didn’t notice it until after we left so not much to do.

  4. mike rathke

    07. May, 2009

    feels v12 to me

  5. noah

    07. May, 2009

    awesome looking line. sick.

  6. ballsackith

    07. May, 2009

    Sick problem jamie!! I forgot how cool looking it was! I sent today, one of the very best in joes not sure what ascent I got but props to u bub on the F.A.

  7. B3

    08. May, 2009

    Isaac, thanks man, much appreciated. Psyched you went and did it! It is a nice problem, and I am glad you enjoyed it!!!

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