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South Africa

Posted on 04. May, 2009 by in News

It’s hard for me to believe that I am typing this, but after the World Cup in Vail I will be making my first journey to South Africa, arguably the best bouldering in the world. I will be there for a month with plenty of updates!


7 Responses to “South Africa”

  1. DaveH

    05. May, 2009

    Jamie, you are so lucky!

    How is the trip planning for Rocklands? Is it simple to get from the airport to your accommodations or it is crazy? What about groceries?


  2. adam s

    05. May, 2009

    groceries can be found at the local grocery store. if you need alcohol, i recommend the liquor store. steaks are available at the local steakhouse, and if you need medical attention, i would go to the doctor.

  3. hahahhahaha

    05. May, 2009

    ha ha ha ha

    good response

  4. Mark

    06. May, 2009

    Sure, grocers might be easy to suss, but watch out for the dangerous beasts slithering about. Probably worth it though if the photos are to be believed … looks spectacular!

  5. Andy Mann

    06. May, 2009

    Enjoy! I’m sure that you’ll have an amazing trip. You’ll fly away from Cape Town remembering the climbing as an afterthought. What a blessing man. So psyched for you! MOTHER AFRICA!!!

  6. Anthony Chertudi

    06. May, 2009

    Jamie, when are you going? I’ll be there the months of June and July.

  7. Chunt

    06. May, 2009

    Whacker hacker wonder why you haven’t done any V14s? what’s the issue? Punter.

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