The Wind Below

Posted on 28. Apr, 2009 by in Joe's Valley

One of the best problems in America, I measured The Wind Below at 20ft 9in from the lip to the ground.
Trent’s Mom measured 16ft 4in. and Finger Hut 10ft 6 in.

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  1. sidepull

    28. Apr, 2009

    it would be interesting if more guidebooks had these sorts of measurements.

  2. sock hands

    28. Apr, 2009

    are these trustworthy figures? i mean, some doods will start to measure at a different place in order to get just a few more inches

  3. dr.dmt

    28. Apr, 2009

    u actually measured the height of these problems. wow dude u need to get a life…

  4. Ovrfiend

    29. Apr, 2009

    I wish guidebooks did include the heights of the boulders so sorry guys like me who have to fly to get the good stuff can plan accordingly. The old Hueco guide did which was pretty cool.

  5. campusman

    29. Apr, 2009

    climbing is life

    for some people, its starting fights and being an #$%#hole

    always due to insecurities

  6. greg

    29. Apr, 2009

    damn thats pretty harsh. i dont really see the point of the negativity.

  7. Denodic

    29. Apr, 2009

    its fun when people are insecure and say stupid stuff like that
    because then u can put them in their place

    thanks for the measurements

    now we know how tall they are

    i wish i knew how high LMGW is, 35 feet??

  8. pauljfoo

    29. Apr, 2009

    sockhands. do you measure from the base?

  9. james

    29. Apr, 2009

    LMGW is 37 feet

    who taught u how to talk trash campusman?
    what did u say to mike hood that made him never come back to the GL? i heard you b#$%#$ him out, he deserved it! a climber trying to close down the best area in the world.
    WHO DOES THAT!!!!!

  10. sockhands

    29. Apr, 2009

    damn, jamie’s life questioned by a “true big boy”

    omg so scathing

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