Joe’s Valley

Posted on 09. Apr, 2009 by in Joe's Valley

The past few days I have been in Joe’s Valley. The first two days were hot, and I spent some time hiking around. I stumbled upon a nice black boulder with a few hard problems on it. I cleaned off several lines, but nothing has been completed yet. This block is across the river from the Mine Cart pull off, about 200yds up the hill, somewhat hidden in the trees.

Project in the Left Fork


Here are some pics from the first two days of climbing.

Sander sends Dark Continent V7

Kevin sends a very tall and proud arete at the 8 Mile area

More to come in the following days…

9 Responses to “Joe’s Valley”

  1. Narc

    09. Apr, 2009

    I’m VERY bummed that we are not coming out like we had planned. Looks awesome!

  2. wader

    09. Apr, 2009

    Shit looks good

  3. Justin

    10. Apr, 2009

    Nice! I really wanted to do that arete this year. Did you do it too?

  4. B3

    11. Apr, 2009

    I didn’t do, very classic but very scary. Kevin was wondering if this was a first ascent? I wasn’t sure and thought I would ask around.

  5. yk

    11. Apr, 2009

    how much choss did you knock off it? Jason and I thought it was to scary (rock quality wise) , yk

  6. B3

    11. Apr, 2009

    It was cleaned and chalked up. I thought it was scary too, but Kevin got up there with no problem.

  7. Kevin

    11. Apr, 2009

    It was cleaned last year but I pulled a few flakes off when I did it. If no one’s claiming it then I will. Lighten Up, FA.

  8. Rocco

    11. Apr, 2009

    I cleaned it up on rappel a couple weeks ago, but I couldn’t convince anyone to spot me on it. It’s an FA for sure, as I pulled a bunch of loose stuff off the middle of the problem while cleaning it. I didn’t get to scrub the topout very well, it was hard to get to where I had my rope setup. Fine work on the send!

  9. henry

    14. Apr, 2009

    hey, where is this 8 mile area? and how hard is the arete?

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