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A Common Thread

Posted on 05. Apr, 2009 by in News

A while back Dave Graham did an interesting interview with Udo Nueman. Not unlike another interview with another legend…

Dave Graham

Great minds think alike?

4 Responses to “A Common Thread”

  1. Andy

    06. Apr, 2009

    that’s some wizard shit.

  2. DWahl

    06. Apr, 2009

    Thanks for posting…super interesting perspective. This issue of confidence is very chicken/egg – which comes first, success or confidence? You can’t just tell someone to try 8C if their experience doesn’t coincide, just as you couldn’t tell someone to drive 220 mph/run 27 mph/lift 600lb without having some prior successful experience that would indicate that this might be possible.
    Some contradictions with regard to the importance of training and strength; if “wizardry’ IS the WAY, then why talk about getting stronger? If he NEVER trains, why does he do Yoga…for years (maybe because he’s good at it?)? He talks about strong guys, but, disregards his own power/strength to weight ratio as inconsequential. I’ve seen beginners try REALLY hard, getting multiple flappers and continuing to try hard – but, without success and conversely, good climbers not try hard WITH success. Trying hard and levels of motivation are always interesting to listen to.
    His ideas on perspective, problem solving and not listening to others beta (how many people are out there with the balls to tell Dave that he should do it their way?) are good. His perspective on skill acquisition differ slightly from “Ivory Tower” reearchers (and I agree with him), but, pretty close with respect to external/internal focus. He is “spot on” with researchers with regard to sequence beta, which the researchers call “degrees of freedom” between players/athletes.

  3. tommy

    06. Apr, 2009

    it’s awesome watching the ‘square’ squirm under the rawness of an amped dylan.

    “there are no ideas in Time Magazine. just facts”.

    he just totally mangles this poor dude with zero malice.

    “i’m not questioning you because I’m, not expecting any answers”.

    totally awesome.

  4. chetroy

    14. Apr, 2009


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