Red Feather

Posted on 01. Apr, 2009 by in Red Feather Lakes

Last week Brian Capps and I put up a couple new problems on the Pa. Here is Brian on the second ascent of my problem, Blowin’ in the Wind V11. Brian’s counterpart problem to the right was put up earlier that day, and he named it The North Country Fair, so I followed suit.

4 Responses to “Red Feather”

  1. tendon

    01. Apr, 2009

    wheres my camera cred?

    wish it was that nice in the feather today.

  2. hayden

    01. Apr, 2009

    hey jamie,

    does brian’s counterpart problem do the same first move out the roof to the good hold them move right? any reason for switches between vimeo and youtube?


  3. B3

    01. Apr, 2009

    Yes, mine is essentially a variation to Brian’s original problem.

  4. B3

    01. Apr, 2009

    I am only allowed one HD movie per week on Vimeo for free, unfortunately.

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