Joe’s Valley

Posted on 31. Mar, 2009 by in Joe's Valley

This past week I was in Joe’s Valley with one goal, to climb Black Lung. Conditions were perfect. I got four days on it, but unfortunately two of them were back to back. Each day I made progress and on the last day I managed to get my fingers in the final hold, but I was moving too fast to stick it. This amazing problem remains elusive. I may head back there soon to take advantage of the cold weather. There seems to be so much to learn and I have come so close to understanding. I discovered that by cooling my hands off with liquid chalk, the holds were considerably stickier. It was frustrating not climbing all day, patiently waiting for my turn. Once we went in the morning, but I didn’t notice a difference in the conditions. I am thankful to those who hiked out there several times with me. Others in the group took advantage of the cold weather and climbed well. Here is a quick video of Flannery sending Finger Hut, the first V10 in Joe’s Valley. At the end of the video is my last attempt, although not my best attempt, on Black Lung.

Finger Hut V10 from Jamie Emerson on Vimeo.

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  1. campusmang

    01. Apr, 2009

    When Higher Grounds had the Black Lung plastic holds set up, it was sooo impossible man.

  2. Connor G

    03. Apr, 2009

    I’m pretty sure I saw you and some other people out in Joe’s in a minivan. I heard you cleaned and were working that crazy highball at the right sign, did that thing go?? Oh and I love your 8a description of the Vampire man, Blood Meridian is a ridiculous and amazing book!

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