Red Feather

Posted on 13. Mar, 2009 by in Red Feather Lakes

Today was a perfect day in Red Feather, as low, grey clouds hung over the forest. The temperature was brisk, and although I was a bit sore from training yesterday, motivation for new projects and first ascents was high. At the top of my list for the past few weeks has been “The Dyno Project” This is one of, if not the best, hard lines in Red Feather and it has been one of the most obvious and attempted projects there. A powerful 4 move sequence of solid V9 leads to a very difficult double dyno. Brian Capps, Ben Scott and I had tried a bunch of different methods but things always seemed to take us back to the wild sideways lunge. I tried for a while going one hand and it was much too powerful to control. Finally, a few days ago Brian figured out the double clutch and did the move. I followed soon afterwards and the send seemed close.
Today, Pinto and I made our way back up. Pinto has been loyally hiking up, filming, spotting and hauling crashpads while nursing his injured shoulder. It’s nice to have partner in crime. We hiked in 5 crashpads and I made two 15 minute trips to make sure we had enough for the committing move. It took me a number attempts to warm up to the dyno but I did it again. I messed up the bottom a few times but managed to climb back to the throw, this time giving it all I had and surprisingly reeled it in. A tricky V7 topout followed. I climbed it cleanly and rolled over perhaps my best first ascent yet. I think this is the hardest problem in Red Feather and I am going to suggest V12. I realize that low percentage moves are hard to grade, but this does represent a new level of difficulty in Red Feather. Either way, it’s a unique and classic boulder.

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  1. Davin

    13. Mar, 2009

    Beautiful job! Nice to see harder things getting done at a place like red feather. Was only a matter of time, congrats on taking the next step down there!
    A bit like Wyoming, so many good hard lines and few who give them a chance. Thanks for the motivation

  2. B3

    13. Mar, 2009

    Thanks Davin, any time you’d like a tour just drop me a line. If I can’t take you out Ben Scott certainly can.

  3. Davin

    13. Mar, 2009

    Same up here, just let me know when you want a tour. Keep finishing those projects

  4. mikem

    13. Mar, 2009

    Looks crazy cool. Can’t wait for a trip to CO.

  5. TKingsbury

    13. Mar, 2009


  6. cardboard_dog

    13. Mar, 2009

    seriously rad. That boulder is perty.

  7. Chuck

    13. Mar, 2009

    Nice on Jamie!
    I’m a big fan of the double clutch myself. Cant wait to give that thing a huck!

  8. tissue

    13. Mar, 2009

    wow. beautiful bloc jamie.

  9. B3

    13. Mar, 2009

    Chuck, I was under the impression that you had tried this? no?

  10. yorick

    13. Mar, 2009


  11. Brian Solano

    13. Mar, 2009

    Why no more Vimeo? The youtube quality sucks!

  12. B3

    13. Mar, 2009

    I can only do one Vimeo a week. I know. I know. You can click on the little icon that says HQ for better quality,

  13. Micah

    14. Mar, 2009

    Wow, that is a sickly looking boulder, along with a sickly looking boulder problem. I really enjoy reading your blog and watching all the vids Jamie, any plans on coming out to Leavenworth, Wa.? Johnny G. and his crew of monkeys have been hard at work putting up some of Washington’s finest. Keep up the good work and the awesome sends.

  14. Narc

    14. Mar, 2009

    Stop sending so quickly and then the upload limit wouldn’t be a problem!

  15. Brian Solano

    14. Mar, 2009

    I’m just busting your balls. Youtube is upping their game, its not as bad as it used to be. And the narc is right, you’re just crushing too fast!

  16. nick iverson

    15. Mar, 2009

    i use to be the best dynoist in the west


    15. Mar, 2009


  18. The Adventure Channel

    17. Mar, 2009

    great video and report guys!!

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