Oval Office Video- Red Feather

Posted on 10. Mar, 2009 by in Red Feather Lakes

Saturday, the weather was poor and I rested. Sunday I went back to Red Feather to hunt for more projects. I found myself at one of the oldest areas, The Capitols. Some of the projects I hoped would be good were not but I did manage to get the third ascent of an old Ben Scott problem called Oval Office V10. Here is the video. I managed to do this very quickly and it was such a nice feeling. If you happen to have an old copy of Colorado Daydream, check out my failure on this line in the special features.

Oval Office from Jamie Emerson on Vimeo.

We didn’t have enough pads to try the dyno project, but we are headed back tomorrow. I think this one could be 8B! So psyched on all the rock and hard climbing there is to be done in Red Feather.

3 Responses to “Oval Office Video- Red Feather”

  1. mervo

    10. Mar, 2009

    Hey Jamie,

    I thought the Oval Office had broke since the FA, no???

  2. sock hands

    10. Mar, 2009

    i’m beginning to dig the signature sweater…. you better get a few more while they are still made so you can replace the original when it gets ravaged by time and stone.

    also: capps having the screaming barfies type crimp pain in colo daydream on this is still reproduced by us every cold session. so classic!

  3. Rainer

    11. Mar, 2009

    I know it doesn’t fit in here but I found information on phil schaal repeating the book of… recently http://climbingnarc.com/ (video)

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