Red Feather

Posted on 06. Mar, 2009 by in Red Feather Lakes

Today was a great day in Red Feather. Brian, Jason and I went to the Dyno Project. After some refinement of beta Brian and I did the double clutch dyno. This move had yet to be completed and now the door has opened on one of the best problems in the area. It seems rare to find such a wild move and it would be neat if the double dyno were the easiest method, as it now seems to be. The weather was freezing all day but the cold temps provided perfect friction on the granite. The temperature never got above freezing. Towards the end of the day we checked out “The Bishop Project”, a short, crimpy face near the Marilyn Monroe sport route. It was brutally cold but we shoed up in spite and Brian did the first ascent, dubbing it Clubber Lang. I followed immediately after, sending what is potentially a one move V10. Always difficult to grade a short sequence. Brian felt it to be easier, however, having tried the crimpy problem in warmer temperatures I think this one could be a ten. Anyways, here is the video of the second ascent. Enjoy. Psyched that Red Feather continues to produce. Hopefully some more projects will go down this weekend!

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  1. sock hands

    06. Mar, 2009

    “the video you have requested is not available.”

    i’m freaking out, man

  2. mervo

    06. Mar, 2009

    nice Jamie.

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