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Lately I have been motivated on projects and it seems that Red Feather is one of the best areas to put up new, quality, hard problems. Last week I got lucky and managed the first ascent of The Vampire and I think this is only the tip of the iceberg. Climbers have been putting up tons of new problems in Red Feather but there has been very little in the way of problems V11 or harder.

This weekend I tried a sit start to The Product, which will bump the grade up to V12.

There is another amazing project called “The Dyno Project” near here that is probably in the V12 or 13 range and will be the next thing I try. This one involves a wild sideways dyno to a finger bucket.



Brian Capps and I worked another very thin and sharp line on the Swoosh Boulder that is also in the V11 or 12 range. All of these problem are at one area, The Swoosh.

The Swoosh Project

Two years ago I did all the moves on a project near Parvin Lake named “The Parvin Project” This is at least V12 and would be another nice addition. Also on the list is a short and difficult crimping problem I refer to as the “Bishop Project”. It is only 100yds off the road. It will go from a high start at around V12 or 13 and a lower start of V14 or more. Its a very nice patina face. Hopefully in the weeks to come I can finish some or all of these great problems.

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  1. Kevin Jorgeson

    04. Mar, 2009

    hi jamie!
    Cool pics man! hey, I’m coming out to CO the 9th-14th. We should hook up and go climbing one of those days! Good luck on the projects!

  2. B3

    04. Mar, 2009

    Kevin, nice to hear from you! Def. psyched to get out. Drop me a line when you get into town.

  3. david mason

    04. Mar, 2009

    That swoosh project looks amazing man! Very jealous! The new things you have done look pretty cool to. Keep up the crushing!

  4. sock hands

    04. Mar, 2009

    dang… that steep crimp face w/ pinto’s head…. heartbreaking that that’s gone undone… early on i watched bennett nab the lip hold on link, only to swing just a tad too much… his skin rolled and he came off. huge finger flappers. capps was close too. should be dope when it goes!

  5. sidepull

    04. Mar, 2009

    That rail looks spectacular. Great blog!

  6. sock hands

    09. Mar, 2009

    and what of this weekend, son?

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