Red Feather

Posted on 23. Feb, 2009 by in Red Feather Lakes


Red Feather is a huge area. The climbing areas themselves are spread out, and the problems within the areas are spreadout. Often times the amount of hiking is equal to or greater than the amount of climbing. It has an exploratory feel. Do to its lack of concentration and it being a 2 hour drive from Denver and Boulder, development has been slow. 6 years ago my good buddy Ben Scott took me to a great problem well off the trail. It was called the Toucan V7. I did it that day and we both checked out a lower and more obvious start. At the time it seemed ridiculous and I basically forgot about it.


This winter has been a difficult one. The weather has been poor and my motivation has been low. I believe it was Camp who suggested we head out to check out the low start and the idea of something new, steep and hard piqued my interest. After wandering through the woods and trudging through the snow we found our way back and it was much better than remembered. I was immediately psyched and quickly repeated the stand start. The new problem starts on an obvious pinch feature and we tried a number of options before I figured out a very powerful but straightforward way to pull on. It seemed to come together quickly and suddenly I found my self gunning for the jug.

This move, which is V7 or so, becomes much harder after completing the difficult bottom move and campus match. I clumsily rolled over. I think this is the full problem from the lowest and most obvious start. This is one of the best first ascents I have done, and it certainly gives me some much needed motivation.

Collin Horvat on the Toucan V7

Brian Camp ready to pounce.


Collin finishing up the day on a classic moderate, Pinhead.

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  1. sock hands

    23. Feb, 2009

    these photos are really nice… i appreciate the larger format, as well. nicely done, mangs. nicely done.

  2. mervo

    24. Feb, 2009

    nice work Jemerson, bout time that thing went from the low start.

  3. Justin Selmanson

    25. Feb, 2009

    Yo Jamie!!

    How is the good life treating ya?

    Cool pics. I just ran in to Collin at the gym last friday in the fort and I am siked to head back out to the feather.

    Seems like spring is here.

    Talk to you soon brother. Hope all is well.

  4. B3

    26. Feb, 2009

    Justin, nice to hear from you. We should hit up some BBQ with Danny for lunch sometime. Hope all is well at Trango land!

  5. cardboard_dog

    26. Feb, 2009

    Wha!!!! Yo Jamie I call DAB on the post editing. I see how it is!

  6. cardboard_dog

    27. Feb, 2009

    uh .. nevermind

  7. rock climbing holds

    06. Jun, 2009

    Looks exactly like other climbs ive been in the past.

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