Wonder Dyno

Posted on 06. Feb, 2009 by in Bouldering Videos

Here is Andre crushing the Wonder Dyno a V7-10 on North Mountain.

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  1. Julian

    06. Feb, 2009

    When I see strong lads and lasses crushing hard problems I often think to myself: “that doesn’t look so hard. I could do that.” Probably not true, but false confidence is fun.

  2. Joe M.

    06. Feb, 2009

    why V7-10???

  3. jroth

    06. Feb, 2009

    V7-10??? WTF does that mean? Heh.

  4. B3

    06. Feb, 2009

    It seems not only height dependant, but easier than something like Cage Free in Boulder Canyon.

  5. DT

    06. Feb, 2009

    I think I could do that.

  6. Ryan

    08. Feb, 2009

    Cool man looks good

  7. cboaz

    08. Feb, 2009

    trust me, it’s harder than it looks….although I don’t climb V10, it’s still a little rough. He made it look piss easy

  8. ncclimber

    13. Feb, 2009

    Harder than it looks here. Looks a long ways away when you’re underneath it.

  9. francois

    14. Feb, 2009

    nice video of angie in fontainebleau, but what she does appears to be a short version of the original problem “atomic playboy”. Its listed as “atomic playboy raccourci”, 7c+, on bleau.info.

  10. slabdeezy

    14. Feb, 2009

    nice looking v2-

  11. kdawg

    16. Feb, 2009


    ur mom’s a nice looking v2- lay.

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