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Lamenting the miserable weather here in Boulder I was digging through some old photos. In 2005 Angela and I made a month long trip to Squamish, BC. We were there in the month of May, which was awesome as the campground was empty and the weather was cool and relatively dry. The town itself is quaint, has all the amenities one might need, and is only a mile or so from the campground.

Slacklining in the campground

I would highly recommend a visit to this amazing area. Classic problems like The Egg, World World Cave, Resurrection and No Troublems are some of the best granite boulders around. The forest is magical and everything seems to drip with greenery. The difficult problems often revolve around sloping flat edges or rounded lips and heel hooking is a must.

Worm World Cave SDS V10

The immaculate Black Slabbath V7

squamish-322 Angie on Airtight Garage V7

Sander Pick on Defenders of the Faith V9

We also had the chance to visit some of the outlying areas. The drive from Squamish north, past the Tantalus Mountain range on the way to Whistler is a gorgeous one.

Ange on a great V4 at the Powerline Boulders, just north of Squamish

In Your Face SDS V10 Pemberton

I am not sure when I would get back but high on my list would be The Singularity, The Sharma Campus Cave, The Perfect Roof and the low start to Velcro. It looks as thought I am heading to Hueco here in a couple days. I am so glad to get out of the cold and snow and ready to give Nagual some more effort!

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    “hueco” doesn’t sound like “east draw dawn patrol session”… rage!

    next, i would like to take this posting opportunity to say this important message: PANDER SICK !!!!!!!1111 YEAH!!!!!!

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