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Saturday I was psyched for a session in Eldorado Canyon but the temperature probably wasn’t much above freezing and the wind was blowing. It’s hard to find decent conditions these days. I joined up with some friends at Morrison it was very pleasant there. I was psyched to try Keepin up with the Jones, a variation to Center Route. Although it has an obvious start and a flat landing, the rock is poor, it is heinously contrived, it doesn’t topout and it is chipped. It’s not hard to give this problem zero stars and thankfully I made quick work of it. With some refined beta Flannery made the FFA. She climbed it two more times for the video. Well done! Check out the video and homage to Jennifer, the dead raccoon. RIP.

Keepin up with the Joneses from Jamie Emerson on Vimeo.

The weather in Joe’s has been poor and it has been too warm in Hueco for me to head down to try Nagual. Perhaps I will join my friend Brian Capps in Red Rocks?

4 Responses to “Morrison”

  1. Julian

    25. Jan, 2009

    Wait. Temperatures not “much above freezing” and some wind are enough to keep you Colorado types from climbing? You need to spend more time in New England.

  2. B3

    25. Jan, 2009

    it was 12 degrees in Rumney when I did Satans Choice and 18 when I did Something From Nothing.

    Yesterday was miserable in Eldorado, the wind in Colorado does not stop and makes for really unpleasant conditions.

  3. Ryan

    26. Jan, 2009

    You should have taken a trip to Squamish. It’s been 40’s and sunny here for about two weeks!

  4. Julian

    26. Jan, 2009

    I know, mang. Just messin’. Also jealous that you were out climbing while I was wallowing in self pity and snot.

    I think the gods hate me.

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