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Bernd Zangerl has made the second ascent of a Fred Nicole 8C in Switzerland called Entlinge. Franz Widmer quickly made the third. Here is a nice clip of Bernd’s ascent.

Also, James Litz has added a harder finish to Rumble in the Jungle, heading out left where Rumble goes right. It will be interesting to see what he does in Hueco, although the hot temps have prevented me from heading back down there.

Matt Wilder has a great new blog www.mattwilderclimbing.blogspot.com, and a great article on steroid use to go along. Matt recently made the ascents of The Swarm V14 and the Mandala sit start V14 in Bishop, California.

5 Responses to “Entlinge”

  1. sockhands

    23. Jan, 2009

    oh nooz looks like someone found v7 sneak attacktics beta for the v15! treacherous youth!

  2. bruce

    23. Jan, 2009

    i’m going to die if I listen to this music for any longer

  3. campusmang

    24. Jan, 2009

    the didgeridoo will always rock your cranium

  4. campusmang

    24. Jan, 2009

  5. Rock Climbing Holds

    30. May, 2009

    haha, perfect rock climbing video

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