Southern Illinois

Southern Illinois

Posted on 09. Jan, 2009 by in News

Word out of So Ill is that Brian Capps has made the long awaited second ascent of The New Zero V13. Jason Kehl made the first ascent several years ago of this four star problem. Very well done.

Jason Kehl on The New Zero

Also, we cut our trip a bit short and I am back in Boulder. A final Hueco update to come soon.

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  1. das bpc

    09. Jan, 2009

    awesome news! good to hear that capps’ fingers are doing well.

  2. climbingnarc

    09. Jan, 2009

    Hardest problem in the midwest??

  3. campusmang

    11. Jan, 2009

    is jade v15

  4. doug munsch

    11. Jan, 2009

    is Colorado in the midwest? I’ve always thought it ends around about kansas, nebraska, oklahoma. can we get a confirmation Jamie? maybe your degree in rockolgy may be of use?

  5. jamie

    12. Jan, 2009

    Colorado most def. not in the Midwest.

  6. Daniel Madson

    12. Jan, 2009

    Sick news, Brian remains the wheres Waldo of the climbing world by popping up on the radar from time to time.

  7. martin tikusis

    07. Feb, 2009

    Jim Hurley’s v14 at the north shore I think reigns as the hardest in the midwest.

  8. Chris Craft

    07. Feb, 2009

    Marty may be correct- Jim Merli’s “The Amatuer” at sawmill creek dome likely checks in around v12 or perhaps v13, although Jim has suggested that 12 may be the more appropriate grade. The sit, however is very likely to be v14, and remains a project. Definitely one of the best in the midwest. And a very different style from the New Zero for sure.

  9. […] Zero in Southern Illinois’ Holy Boulders stood as an unrepeated V13 testpiece until it was repeated by Brian Capps a few months ago.  The sendtrain is now on as both James Webb and Jon Glassberg repeated The New […]

  10. d-bone

    27. Apr, 2009

    who is this unknown man of mystery they call brian capps. is he a myth.

    The climbing community would like to know.

    Jimmy T, you still alive?

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