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Paul Robinson on the Evangelion V13

Here is a longer list of problems I am bouncing off the wall to try, with the above at the top of the list!

Indisposed Heroes V12
Rumble in the Jungle V11/12
Full Throttle V13
Whispers of Mortality V10
Ice Scream V12
Two Days with Gene V11
Li V13
Skidmark V11

12 Responses to “Hueco”

  1. das bpc

    24. Dec, 2008

    the knocking room just went to the top of my joe’s valley list. i think that, by happenstance, i have already climbed it in my basement about 9 times.


    safe and prolific sending wishes to your face for hueco, fool!

  2. ronnie jenkins

    24. Dec, 2008

    Skidmark is freaking awesome. You can totally flash it. Just scrub the top before you try it. A little scary.

    Also why do you need two weeks in Hueco. You’ll crush everything in 4 days and that includes a rest day.

    Good luck

  3. campusman

    25. Dec, 2008

    i only have 50 dollars and i owe someone $40.00

  4. The Adventure Channel

    25. Dec, 2008

    Seems like a very nice boulder!

  5. iWeb

    26. Dec, 2008

    sick list jamie! Definately psyched on throttle. Seeya soon broseph

  6. Patrick Cassiday

    27. Dec, 2008

    Kinda lame with the slash on rumble there big guy… for being such a proponnent of its kind of hard to argue with no listing of rumble ascents containing an 8A grade, and only a couple of “soft” comments. More over, slash grades are lame 98.3547289476572974% of the time.

  7. Tye

    29. Dec, 2008

    The Knocking Room is a very good climb. Not that hard for 7C, but sharp.

  8. campusman

    29. Dec, 2008

    when you teach a 2000 member message board the climbing language, or they steal all your lingmo for personal use and gain, then ban you 3 times for talking the best trash… there is nothing you can do about it but sit back and laugh at their scorecards


  9. Justin Selmanson

    29. Dec, 2008

    Yo JE!!!

    Best of luck in your climbing and keep us up to date here.

    See ya later brotha!

  10. p

    02. Jan, 2009

    Where on North is Skidmark?


  11. Ike

    08. Oct, 2009

    Nice photo! Where have I seen it before? Oh wait, it’s mine.

  12. B3

    08. Oct, 2009

    At the time I was working with MVM, and it was no issue for me to take the photo from the site. If it’s a problem I’ll take it down.

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