Lynn Hill climbs Chablanke

Posted on 08. Dec, 2008 by in News

Lynn Hill, age 47 has made the 8th female ascent of Chablanke V11 or V12 in Hueco Tanks. Fred Nicole has the first ascent of what is a very obvious sit start to Sign of the Cross V3 on North Mountain. Lynn is one of, if not THE, greatest rock climbers of all time and she has to be one of the oldest people, man or woman, to climb at this level. Ascents like these only solidify her already legendary status. Very well done!

As far as I know here is a list of women who have done Chablanke.
1. Lisa Rands
2. Claire Murphy
3. Ana Burgos
4. Jody Hanson
5. Angie Payne
6.Thomasina Pidgeon
7. Liv Sanzov

17 Responses to “Lynn Hill climbs Chablanke”

  1. mervo

    08. Dec, 2008

    Damn, i said damn. very inspiring jemerson.

  2. Matt

    09. Dec, 2008

    Ridiculous… inspiration. Obviously, I need to get my act together.

  3. campusman

    09. Dec, 2008

    with a last name of hill …

    i rest my case

  4. Matt

    09. Dec, 2008

    Who are the five? Just curious?

  5. batman

    09. Dec, 2008

    thomasina pidgeon

  6. Tim

    09. Dec, 2008

    Liv Sansoz too, and then the list is complete to my knowledge =)

  7. […], ClimbingNarc, Andy […]

  8. campusman

    09. Dec, 2008

    naw yo, i guarantee there is more

  9. campusman

    09. Dec, 2008

    now lets figure out the order

  10. peter

    09. Dec, 2008

    Maybe at this point it’s best just to say “Lynn Hill does Chblanke” and leave it at that. To me, the bigger deal is that she is almost 48, a fact which impresses me more than her being female.

  11. jamie

    09. Dec, 2008

    I agree wholeheartedly, but I got a bunch of emails about who has done what, so I am just trying to make sure there is accurate information and no one is offended.

  12. peter

    09. Dec, 2008

    I appreciate the drive for accuracy and sensitivity Jamie. Are you going to be at CATS tonight?

  13. campusmang

    10. Dec, 2008

    If man mean no harm, no harm taken


  14. DL

    10. Dec, 2008

    I am sitting with lisa now.. she has informed me that I am lame for looking at these websites and that she got the 1st female of that boulder.

  15. alex j

    10. Dec, 2008

    sick!! that is so inspiring! :)

  16. JW

    13. Dec, 2008

    Just chiming in….didn’t Patrick Edlinger get the FA?

  17. Robin Banks

    23. Dec, 2008

    I think it was Jean Val Jean, but then there was some controversy that Patrick Edlinger did it.

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