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Posted on 03. Dec, 2008 by in Joe's Valley

So back to last weekend. The last few days in Joe’s were awesome. I climbed a bunch of really amazing “moderates” that I hadn’t done before like No Substance V8, Save Yourself V8, The Two finger Variation V9 and Spam V6. I also did a new V9 of Isaac Caldiero’s called Playmate of the Year. This problem was not unlike something one might find in the South. I spotted Tom Camillieri on Nerve Damage V6 and took some nice pictures.

Nerve Damage V6



One day we hiked 200ft from Scary Monsters to check out a great V9 called the Knocking Room. This is a wonderful crimp problem straight out of Hueco Tanks and I was psyched to make a flash. Here are some pics.

Stephanie Marvez on Scary Monsters V6

Rylan Marshall sending The Knocking Room V9


Each morning I would wake up early and hike around looking for new boulders. I found a few very nice projects and my buddy Isaac showed some he had cleaned up himself. The weather was perfect, and the whole weekend was very relaxing.

“Morning Boredom”

The last day Isaac showed me a new problem in the Smokin’ Joe cave called Big Joe Left V12. Although it drops off this is a great roof problem and couldn’t fit me any more. I did the moves quickly and thought I might have a shot for a one day ascent. I managed to pull it out and it was a great way to end the trip. The video is now up on MVM. We headed back over to Area 51, and although the old parking area is now closed, its easy enough to drive down the road a bit, park on the right side before the mine and make the 15 minute hike in. The temperatures were brisk and the wind picked up. I thought I might give Black Lung a go. I felt strong and for the first time it suddenly felt much more reasonable. It seemed with a motivated effort I might have a chance. My best go I stalled momentarily on the second hold. Snow began to fall and the trip was over. Joe’s is one of the best bouldering areas I have been to and the potential for new problems is amazing.

Joe’s Valley, where the hills grow boulders, lots of boulders…

5 Responses to “Joe’s Valley”

  1. das bpc

    03. Dec, 2008

    dope shots. where’s the knocking room? is this kinda across the wash from scary monsters, in the direction of big joe, but still even on the hillside?

  2. das bpc

    03. Dec, 2008

    also, direkshuns to issac’s problem required!

  3. jamie

    04. Dec, 2008

    If you are facing Scary Monsters, turn around 180 degrees and walk about 200ft or so, maybe less, faces down hill and slightly up canyon. Starts matched on a very obvious crimp rail in black rock. First move is out to a very nice left hand incut.
    Playmate of the Year is up on the hill, well above No Additives.

  4. Chris

    28. Nov, 2014

    do you remember if you used the crimp on the face thats apart of the no additives problem for no substance?

  5. Chris

    28. Nov, 2014

    or did you just follow the rail all the way up?

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