Posted on 30. Nov, 2008 by in Front Range

Saturday the weather was terrible everywhere and I found myself at Morrison with Rylan Marshall. Conditions were really nice and I warmed up quickly. I had climbed Center Route (which according to John Sherman is one of the standards for V10, along with Full Service) a few years ago, so I had no real objectives. I made a quick repeat of this classic problem and then climbed it again. We jokingly thought it would be fun if I tried to climb it in my Five Ten Impacts, which are bulky tennis shoes. After quickly doing the moves however my mission was set, and I surprised myself by doing it first try from the start. Perhaps this is the first time this problem has been done in street shoes? Either way it doesn’t matter, this was alot of fun. I also put my climbing shoes back on and did Tendoitis Traverse, down Brashears Crack and into Center Route which I think is supposed to be V11. Rylan also put down Center Route. It was a great session. I have been having an awesome time climbing lately and today was no exception.

7 Responses to “Morrison”

  1. das bpc

    01. Dec, 2008

    malicious rage welling up….

  2. das bpc

    01. Dec, 2008

    center route is certainly solid v10.

    i can’t smell it.


  3. das bpc

    01. Dec, 2008

    triple rage tirade = trirage!

  4. climbingnarc

    01. Dec, 2008

    no crash pad strapped to your back this time??

  5. Kelly Sheridan

    01. Dec, 2008

    Nice job Jamie…

    I am always impressed when double-digits go down for a sneaker-clad climber… I was blown away when I saw Johnny Goicoechea climb The Coffee Cup V10 in Leavenworth in his 5.10 approach shoes. It must be the brand…


  6. hayden

    02. Dec, 2008

    is that a six pack and a bag of doritos below you?

  7. rm

    02. Dec, 2008

    bwahahaha. yes it is, hayden. yes it is.

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