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Triple Crown

Posted on 03. Nov, 2008 by in News

Congrats to locals Jimmy Webb and Kate McGinnis for winning the HP40 portion of this years Triple Crown! Well done!

Open Men
1 Jimmy Webb 11,389
2 Joshua Reyes 10,305
3 Brian Antheunisse 9,915

Open Women
1 Kate McGinnis 8,891
2 Alex Puccio 8,761
3 Alex Johnson 7,525

6 Responses to “Triple Crown”

  1. das bpc

    03. Nov, 2008

    seems like reese/mcginnis never gets press until she owns at the triple crown… ?

    also, webb seems to be growing in strength and must be stopped… who do these souf bishes think they are? colorado is the center of the universe, not the souf. i vote for mixing iron dust into their food at all meals for the additional weight AND so we can electro magnet em off projects in the park next summer.

  2. campusmang

    03. Nov, 2008

    He & she are rock warriors!

    They don’t think they are anything else, much like most of us.

  3. nicros

    03. Nov, 2008

    1 Kate McGinnis= FIVE TEN
    2 Alex Puccio= FIVE TEN
    3 Alex Johnson= FIVE TEN


  4. ryan

    04. Nov, 2008

    what happened to the cookie video on MVM? I never got to see it…

  5. automated

    04. Nov, 2008

    I know! Where is the press when you need em! Kate McGinnis for pres!

  6. campusmang

    05. Nov, 2008

    Of course there are always the people that know so much about the mags. I just think they are rock warriors.

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