The Island

The Island

Posted on 31. Oct, 2008 by in News


Nalle Hukkataival has made the second ascent of the Island V15 in Fontainebleau. Dave Graham did the first ascent this spring while we were in France. This is a stunning boulder problem, one of the best we saw in Font. Both of Dave’s other testpieces, From the Dirt Grows the Flowers, in Chironico and The Story of Two World’s in Cresciano have remained unrepeated for three years.

Also, Mark Hobson has repeated Skyler Weekes dyno Zion in Clear Creek Canyon, in three tries. This was suggested by to be a possible V16. Cookie most definitely does not train with the Denver Nuggets. I just got word that Brian Solano has footage from the send and will be posting it on MVM very soon!


4 Responses to “The Island”

  1. campusmang

    31. Oct, 2008


    nice job mark

    public v16, to public v6
    thats what d10 is

  2. Brian Solano

    31. Oct, 2008

    Look for the Zion footage on MVM in the next day. Cookie probably could have flashed it, if he had tried seriously his first go. He continued to repeat it 4 times for our cameras. Nice work cookie!

  3. irish

    31. Oct, 2008

    thats f*(&*&!%$ hilarious. go dog.

  4. trad

    31. Oct, 2008

    yeah right..

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