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Poudre Canyon

Posted on 29. Oct, 2008 by in Poudre Canyon

Sunday was a brilliant fall day and I went to the Poudre with my good friend Brian Camp. I wanted to try to climb Canopener, which has broken several times recently. Canopener was the first V10 I ever climbed and it has a special place in my heart. The starting jug had broken off a few months back (that hold currently resides on Kelly McBride’s fireplace) I believe some Japanese climbers reclimbed it and possibly Daniel Woods as well, but a few weeks ago the hold broke again. It took a few tries to figure out a good method for the bottom, and Brian found the solution. His beta opened the door and I climbed it soon afterword, starting matched on the lowest holds. The new climb is much harder than the original version, but I am not sure how much harder. It’s at least V11 in its current state, although some suggested V12. More repeats will confirm one way or the other.

The rest of the day was just pure fun. I climbed a few V9s I hadn’t done before and just enjoyed the company of good friends. It was a wonderful Sunday session.

6 Responses to “Poudre Canyon”

  1. trad

    29. Oct, 2008

    i ripped that jug off!!!! David Lama flashed it after the break… he’s first not you… he’s the one not you… he’s got a secret NOT YOU!!!! get er strait son…. you are nothing…. are you coming to Arkansas?

  2. jamie

    29. Oct, 2008

    Nice one chad.

  3. das bpc

    29. Oct, 2008

    yep, this line is dead to me for life

  4. das bpc

    30. Oct, 2008

    every time there’s footage of canopener and someone sends/walks down the adjacent slab, i always seen bennett hopping around in the background as in ‘solutions’

  5. jamie

    30. Oct, 2008

    Even funnier when you hear Ben go off about how bad the problem is…

  6. Rock Climbing

    08. Nov, 2008

    I tried this thing awhile back and got my ass handed to me. I’d be excited to get back on it. Nice climb man

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