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If you haven’t gotten a chance to check it out www.momentumvm.com has several videos from our trip to Switzerland. It’s nice to finally get some of this great footage out to everyone. Last week it was Extreme Ironing and Magic Wood. This week is Olson in Ticino today Daniel Woods doing the 3rd ascent of the Dagger V14 in Cresciano. Enjoy!


Also, Sam Davis has made the 8th ascent of The Swarm in Bishop and Natasha Barnes has made the FFA of The Force V11 in Yosemite. Both of these problems are very classic. Nice work!

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  1. MikeyT

    16. Oct, 2008

    awesome footage of daniel woods making it look easy:

    …good interview too if you’re interested in him. one of the best and 19 years old!

  2. climbingnarc

    16. Oct, 2008

    That is one of the first times I have seen the dagger. What a cool looking problem!

  3. mervo

    16. Oct, 2008

    Sick vids Jamie. I love the looks of that problem Angie’s on, rad footage.

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