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Posted on 09. Oct, 2008 by in Updates

Jason Pinto in Ticino

I have created a new page here at B3Bouldering of the hardest boulder problems in America – I would encourage anyone that has additional / better information to let me know.

Also, has a couple of new videos from our Swiss trip, including Extreme Ironing V12, Massive Attack V12 and Supernova V9.

Finally, Saturday was a break through day as I finally climbed throught the bottom of No More Greener Grass at Mt. Evans. I would love to finish that one up before the snow comes.

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  1. […] B3Bouldering has created a new resource where the hardest boulder problems in America will be tracked. He’s encouraging anyone that has additional info to contact him or leave a comment. […]

  2. ssg

    10. Oct, 2008

    the supernova problem looks awesome.

  3. […] Boulder Problems in America Posted by admin on October 10, 2008 random B3Bouldering has created a new resource where the hardest boulder problems in America will be tracked. […]

  4. campusmang

    10. Oct, 2008

    just so u know, JE gets 1000’s of comments per day
    he only selects the best ones, and deletes any repeats that someone previously said just because it is not needed. If your message was some how over looked, and you feel it is importantly necessary to let him know- say about the Fly, or an easy boulder problem that is off topic… just feel free to express yourself some more. Take it easy

  5. Man I would love to go to Ticino. It looks incredible there. Do you know what the deal is with staying there?

  6. campusman

    13. Oct, 2008

    For yrs and yrs we use to say the climbers from Great Britain are the strongest climbers in the world. Evidence for statements like that are found on this website Yrs back, I dont know exactly where lol.
    The saying is not true anymore. My evidence is slightly supported by (all immature nicknames set aside), as the non public ascents are knot all there. As a group, and single handily, I believe the Americans could very well be the strongest rock climbers overall. However; other countries continue to pull on plastic much harder than US. Why? Because we focus on rock climbing. Not too many of us focus exclusively on plastic. If we did, I am sure the outcome would be different. A good example of someone doing this is NR whom played on 45’s exclusively with plastic, and smoked all of the Americans with out using his feet. As a rock climber I recommend playing on your projects. If you want to get really serious practice setting your project on a similar angle with similar holds on plastic. This does work! If you want to compete with plastic, practice on plastic more often than knot. Remember, climb 45 degree stuff as much as possible with rock or plastic. Most experienced climbers have learned more of this information, it is really hard to stick with. Most importantly have fun, be positive, and be safe.


  7. Annmarie Ferrell

    09. Jan, 2009

    good luck

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