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A few weeks ago MVM had video of Angie making a quick ascent of Teamwork V11 in Chironico. This is a great crimping problem. I will giving MC a bunch of Swiss footage in the next few weeks of new problems so keep an eye out at


Saturday I am off to Evans! No More Greener Grass is at the top of my list!

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  1. sickness

    06. Oct, 2008

    When I’m at the pearly gates
    This will be on my videotape
    My videotape
    My videotape

    When mephistopholis is just beneath
    And he’s reaching up to grab me

    This is one for the good days
    And I have it all here in red blue green
    In red blue green

    You are my centre when I spin away
    Out of control
    On videotape
    On videotape

    This is my way of saying goodbye
    Because I can’t do it face to face
    Talkin’ to you for
    No matter what happens now
    we shouldn’t be afraid
    Because I know today has been
    The most perfect day I’ve ever seen

    Videotape, by Radiohead

  2. Looks like an awesome problem. Nice send Angie. Oh and I am super stoked about seeing your Swiss footage. Please let us know when your stuff is up there.

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