Practice of the Wild

Posted on 26. Sep, 2008 by in News

A few years back Chris Sharma put up an absolutely stunning line in the forest of Magic Wood, CH. It climbs out of a large cave on outstanding rock and with slopers and pinches. It has gone unrepeated for several years but now my good buddy Ty Landman has made the second ascent. Ty is suggesting 8C or V15 for this majestic line. I asked Bernd Zangerl if he had tried it when I was in Switzerland in the spring and he told me it was kind of scary and hard to get enough pads. Well done, Tyler!

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  1. entropy

    26. Sep, 2008

    Sweet, that is awesome to hear! Nice job, Ty! I’ve been looking for pictures of this problem for months… any idea if there are pics of Ty on it anywhere? Anyone recording the send?

  2. Adam Lincoln

    27. Sep, 2008

    Footage has indeed be got….

  3. Ryan

    27. Sep, 2008

    Nice job Ty! I head that that route is sick hard and hard to protect with pads. Would love to seem some photos or video of the route.

  4. jay

    28. Sep, 2008 has some pictures. Chad greedy got the ascent on video

  5. climbing narc

    29. Sep, 2008 for pics and story

    If chad g was there you can bet it was on film, maybe mvm soon?

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