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Saturday I went up to the Vedauwoo/Organic Bouldering Comp. Vedauwoo has a reputation for poor rock quality and most people feel its worth a visit once a year or so. I felt that way for a long time, however it has been growing on me recently. Amidst the choss there are some real gems, and who could complain about the amount of rock, the scenery or the relative lack of access concerns. Some of the problems that stand out in my mind are Analog, Building Blocks, and the striking Daisy Cutter Arete. In fact recently one ambitious local bouldered out an old Todd Skinner toprope called Skinner’s Reprise. This 35 ft line has got to be one of the more impressive problems in the Front Range.
I had my sights set a bit lower. I warmed up by flashing a lackluster V8 called Mary. Angie split her tip very badly on the send on a sharp crystal and was out of commission for the rest of the day.

Mary V8 photo Justin Jaeger

I escaped any damage and walked around to the other side of the boulder. One of the better problems there was put up by motivated local guidebook author Davin Bagdonas. Davin has a great eye for a line and has done alot for Wyoming bouldering in the last few years. Weak Become Heroes is a great V10 20ft from the parking lot. It took a while to remember the beta but Justin Jaeger and I finished it together in the warmth.

Weak become Heroes V10 photo Jaeger

We headed over to the infamous Bob 69 project. I really wish this didn’t get as much attention as it does. It is very obvious but the rock is sickeningly sharp and after a few goes we moved on. Andre did all the moves but couldn’t stay motivated to finish it up.

I climbed a very nice slab near there called Old Yeller that had a very hard move off the ground.
We walked up the hill and I flashed a couple more V8s including an really nice dyno problem called the Gamlin. Suddenly it was 4pm and time was running out. I thrutched my way up a couple more problems but I could only squeeze two more in, one of which was the crimpy and technical Cracked Sky. I only managed 7 problems from the requisite 10 and I knew I was out of the running. I did have a very nice day however, repeating a V10, flashing 3 8s, a V7, climbing another v7 and that hard slab. Congrats to Justin Jaeger and Ashley Lloyd for their winning performances. All in all good fun and I look forward to returning in colder temps.
I want to thank Josh Helke, Davin Bagdonas, Organic Crashpads and the Cross Country Connection for all of their hard work! It was a great comp!

We all headed back to Laramie and had a nice dinner. My very first slideshow went well and I look forward to doing a more in-depth talk at the Horsetooth Hang, at which I will be presenting this Saturday in Ft. Collins.

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  1. sock hands

    23. Sep, 2008

    when v7 climbers become heroes: it was really bugging me that maybe i was given credit for the stuff before [and outside of] the comp, though i didn’t put it down…. i just added everything up based on your list and mine and it was just a quantity issue. the front end of our lists were equivalent and your tail end was deeper…mine was just more in quantity.

    it’s certainly an interesting format for a comp… pushes you to try hard but to keep the throttle down all day!

    good to hang out with you kids up there and thanks for the support on weak become heroes! sending that line, even despite the grease, made my day and along with the socializing, was the reason i came up. word.

  2. jamie

    23. Sep, 2008

    I just had to try to make you feel bad, of course I had a good time.

  3. JD

    23. Sep, 2008

    Sweet new video up on mvm, jamie. It looks like a really good line.

  4. campusmang

    24. Sep, 2008

    on the topic about Todd,
    I saw one of his presentations in Lander at the ’02 festival, it was amazing, I remember him showing pictures and talking about the unique climbing at Vedawoo.
    Most of us know how he got you interested in rock climbing, and I Never thought you would be doing those sorts of things also.
    very cool

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