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In Colorado the future of bouldering seems to be long hiking and for those that are willing to put the time in there are very nice problems to be had. There are several zones in RMNP that are a long haul from the trail head and last weekend I visited one of them.


After over three hours of uphill hiking and 7 miles of trail beneath our feet we came into a pristine basin. We had heard rumors of beautiful scenery far away from the madness of Chaos Canyon and decided to investigate.


We found a small area with a few nice problems. Most of the day was spent hiking but we did put our shoes on to climb a very nice V3 up sloping edges.


The hike out was long and tiring but it was a wonderful day in the mountains. This is one of several areas that I have been to that lie deep in the heart of the Rockies. It’s nice to know that such nice places exist. It’s hard to say whether or not expedition style tactics will ever be employed for bouldering. It is an interesting concept considering the Himalayas are the tallest mountain range in the world and as well they are 6000 miles long. The potential there is staggering. For now Colorado will have to do. It’s hard to pass up the relatively quick and easy destinations of Mt. Evans and Chaos Canyon, but for one day it was a nice diversion.

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  1. MTE

    10. Sep, 2008

    Trail running + padless bouldering = unlimited potential. Only the boldest, best-conditioned athletes need apply. C’est super rad, non? Hee!

  2. campusmang

    12. Sep, 2008

    that reminds me of the shield

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