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Angie Payne made the first female ascent today of European Human Being V12 in Rocky Mountain National Park. She has worked on this problem for the last three years and has finally finished it off. Last week she came desperately close when she stuck the last move on link and fell when her right hand popped. I personally think this is one of the harder V12s I have done. In the past few years Ang. has been really focused on school and work and doesn’t have the time to put into climbing she once had. I am so proud of her for sticking with this one. The send footage is off to MVM. Well Done!!!!

The last move, last year.


“It’s done! And now I have to get an A in Chemistry”
Photos by Rolson

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  1. MTE

    05. Sep, 2008

    Killer! Good pics and great to hear that Angie is still ripping.

  2. mervo

    05. Sep, 2008

    Holy crap, hardest woman alive. Nice job Angie.

  3. sock hands

    05. Sep, 2008

    yes yes yes angie!!!! psyched on this news!

  4. […] just last night, Angie Payne finished her multi-year project European Human Being (V12) in RMNP.  Considered by Jamie Emerson to be one of the harder V12’s […]

  5. bob johns

    05. Sep, 2008

    kinda a harsh blow to puccio… not opinions on her send last week?

  6. jamie

    05. Sep, 2008

    I didn’t feel the need to cover it again as it was thouroughly covered on http://climbingbum.blogspot.com/2008/08/alex-puccio-and-last-month.html. I also gave my opinions on that matter there. My intention is not to report on everything that happens. I gave Alex J. a little news because I wasn’t sure people would see it. I consider Puccio a friend and I would hope she doesn’t feel like I am being “harsh” in any way, and if it came off that way it was unintentional and I am sorry. She and Carlo know very well that I think she is really strong.
    Also, I really try to approve every comment people leave on here because I want all kinds of different view points to weigh in. However, it is hard to justify anonymous slander. If you have a differing opinion, please just change your tone and write your name.

  7. […] Jamie Emerson reports that Angie Payne made the first female ascent of European Human Being (V12) in Rocky Mountain National Park. […]

  8. Cady

    05. Sep, 2008

    Great Job Angie!!!

  9. peter b

    05. Sep, 2008

    Congrats Angie!

  10. entropy

    05. Sep, 2008

    Nice! Those are some terrible holds to pull on!

  11. doro

    05. Sep, 2008

    congratulations on the send! very nice pictures and very inspiring!
    wish you fun with chemistry…as I am having now… :(

  12. […] Jamie Emerson reports that Angie Payne made the first female ascent of European Human Being (V12) in Rocky Mountain N…More… […]

  13. Pschaal

    06. Sep, 2008

    Nice job Angie. way to stick wit it. In my opinion thats the hardest v12 in the park.

  14. Bart P

    07. Sep, 2008

    Getting an A in Chemistry is definitely a lot easier than climbing V12 … !

  15. Rock Climbing

    07. Sep, 2008

    Nice send Angie for sure. Jamie dig those pictures looking forward to seeing the video on MVM.

  16. campusmang

    08. Sep, 2008


    aim to grip holds with your ring and middle fingers, if you can put more fingers on sweet. lol just turn your wrist Angie.

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