Posted on 04. Sep, 2008 by in Updates

Check out my first video as Colorado Correspondant on www.momentumvm.com of Daniel Woods making the second ascent of Top Notch, an amazing new V13 put up by Tyler Landman.

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  1. Slap-A-Hoe

    04. Sep, 2008

    Nice video, but come on man, enough with the fish eye stuff…its just not good for climbing videos.

    Just my opinion.

  2. Joe

    05. Sep, 2008

    it was a good video and nice job on that, but would have been better w/o the fish eye lens.
    but then again, i dont know how that area is situated, so it might be that you have to use it to get the full view. idk

  3. climbingnarc

    10. Sep, 2008

    I have to agree that the fish eye didn’t do the problem justice

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