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Posted on 01. Sep, 2008 by in News

This weekend a ranger approached myself and several others in the Bear Lake parking lot. He was very friendly and told us that he worked as a climbing ranger at Long’s Peak and had himself bouldered in Chaos Canyon (which one member of my party confirmed). He told us that the Park has begun an environmental impact study of the effects of bouldering in Chaos Canyon. He said the number one thing we can do to help our cause is to not stash pads in the park. He said the number two thing we can do is clean up after ourselves. The purpose of his talk was basically to inform us of what was going on and to give us a chance to do something about it. He seemed positive that if we did a good job of policing our activities up there that bouldering could continue. This is the first I have heard of the Park formally acknowledging what is going on and taking steps to do something about it. In light of the fact that the rangers hiked several stashed pads out of lower Chaos this week it is clear to me that we all must take a second look at our actions and think about the impacts they may have on the future. I myself have no stashed pads in the park and will continue to hike my pad up every time. I would encourage you all to do the same.

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  1. Matt

    01. Sep, 2008

    So it is all finally coming to a head. I have never been to the park but I find it really interesting that icons like DW stash pads (laura’s blog). It would be nice if the leaders of the bouldering community, in my eyes the strongest boulderers in the world who receive the most media attention, would set an example and do the right thing. It would be a real tragedy for the community if a place like the park was shut down.

  2. Laura

    02. Sep, 2008

    I keep my blog as a personal record of what I’ve been up to. My musings dont reflect upon Daniel’s climbing ethics. He had stashed his pads the day before because I had pulled my hamstring and needed help down the trail. We both talked for a long time with the rangers who were very nice, seems like our conversation was similar to Jamie’s. Obviously the last thing Daniel or I want is the park to be closed to climbers.

  3. peter

    02. Sep, 2008

    I enjoyed a nice session on Top Notch Saturday, an amazing boulder to say the least. Apparently someone stashed a pad at the base of that problem. It was pretty well-hiddden but hopefully it’s gone now.

  4. Situner

    02. Sep, 2008

    Pulled a hammy bad enough to require help walking out without pads and assisted…

    Then hiking BACK to upper chaos the following day?

    I’m confused.

  5. God

    02. Sep, 2008

    I’m going to have to take Laura and Daniel’s side on this one.

    Good boyfriend responsibilities always come first, especially in cases of emergency. It’s not only crashpads in these situations. I remember that time when two climbers, two friends of Daniel, rode in the car with him and Laura but were later left stranded at the Bear Lake parking lot with no ride back. Turns out Laura had gotten a headache in the middle of the day and Daniel was immediately forced to leave the area in emergency mode.

    Everything is okay when you are in deep love, so please don’t judge the things that are caused to others because of it.

  6. DW

    03. Sep, 2008

    Laura has never made me leave the park because she had a headache, thats just a stupid thing to say, also i never abandoned 2 friends because she had a headache. Laura is tough hence the fact she walked up to middle chaos and spotted me on blood money. The night before she injured her hamstring and needed assistance down. I made sure she got down safely and couldnt carry 3 pads as well. The next day it still hurt and I carried 3 pads which the rangers had gotten from me to blood money and she supported me and spotted. It took 3 hours to get up and many breaks. She is very supportive and strong and to make a statement like SITUNER or GOD is foolish. Yes walking too upper was not the best decision, but she wanted to help me out. Im glad that I have a gf that supports me and is willing to help me out even if she is injured! I am def against stashing pads. One its bad for the area and 2 i do not want the park to be closed. It is a very special place to me and I respect it. It just hurts me when jamie puts a post up that informs us on what is happening then my gf gets bashed. That is some lame @#$$!!! I was the one that stashed pads!!! not her!!! I respect the park and situation and I hope everyone does the same.


  7. jamie

    03. Sep, 2008

    In the words of Barack Obama “let’s focus on the issues” ladies and gentlemen.

  8. JamesO

    03. Sep, 2008

    I find it hard to believe that climbers are bickering and calling people out regarding an issue that harms all climbers. I do not even like RMNP much at all but I would not want to see the place close. We should just try to protect access as a united community, not say “Hey everyone it is ____’s fault!!”. It is really not helping anyone or the problem.

  9. Matt

    03. Sep, 2008

    I don’t mean to beat this into the ground. I respect Daniel and didn’t mean to single him out but it was the first concrete example that came to mind. I do however think that one of the “issues” with pad stashing is that it mostly occurs within the upper echelon of boulderers. The average v8 climber isn’t hiking up and stashing pads for the proj. I was simply attempting to point out that this group needs to set an example. Everyone looks up to you for your obvious climbing talent and extreme psyche. Thanks for contributing so much to climbing.

  10. Herman Feissner

    03. Sep, 2008

    Why is pad stashing still a discussion topic? Didn’t we beat it to death last year, or even several times before that? All in all, great improvements have been made with respect to this issue. And, why single out an individual that generally exhibits exemplary conduct as an ambassador of the sport? In these cases, why not confront the individual that you have a problem with directly rather than in a public forum?

    As a group it’s time to unify and work on the big issues – our impact. Yes pad stashing is an issue; however, it’s one that resides in the shadows of or comings and goings rather than one that arises during a walking survey of the areas we boulder at in RMNP. With respect to impact, reconsider where you place you pads. Work to limit the scope of our footprint. Limit the areas that you place your belongings. If you want a grassy spot then go to the park and have a picnic.

    More importantly, pick up your f’in trash. I pick up more scraps of paper, tape, old brushes, and cigarette butts than I care to think about. Before leaving an area, please take a quick survey of its condition. Likewise, when you are hiking in, take a moment to gather trash left behind by others. The aggregate effect (or is that affect – Peter B. can chime in to help the engineer) of our efforts can be great. In some way or another, each of us is accountable for the condition of the bouldering areas. More action and fewer words.

  11. peter b

    03. Sep, 2008

    It is effect Herm and that’s really well put. More action and fewer words.

  12. anson

    04. Sep, 2008

    well said herman!

  13. mervo

    04. Sep, 2008

    Jemerson. Whatcha think about this. We finally made it to the big time boys and girls. Thanks to all that made this possible with stashing.


    “Rocky rangers reminding boulder climbers to remove crash pads”


  14. chuffer

    05. Sep, 2008

    An EIS of Chaos Canyon … The good thing that could come out of this is a designated trail. The bad things … like whoa.

    To those that visit there often and love the place, I suggest you self-police and stay on top of the issues.

  15. Gabe Myers

    30. Nov, 2010

    It seems that only tools like Jamie crowd up the park. You bring 20 spotters and tick every hold. Then you publicize this sensitive area, it really doesn’t seem like you give a shit about this place, as most of the other people I saw climbing there didn’t. Either way, if you leave your nice Organic pad unattended, I’M TAKING IT.

  16. B3

    30. Nov, 2010

    Gabe, who are you? Have we met? I’m not sure why you are on this site bashing me. I’d be happy to meet or talk in person anytime.

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