Blood Money

Posted on 27. Aug, 2008 by in RMNP

A great day today! I went to the Park after work and finished off Blood Money, the outstanding roof behind Sunspot. I had been thwarted by the rain on Sunday however today was cool enough but more importantly dry.



Daniel Woods was nearby making the second ascent of Ty Landman’s great new problem Top Notch V13. I have been climbing at the Park alot lately because of the relatively good conditions, “short” approach and potential for new things. I am looking for a change of pace, always and so my attention now turns to either some some long hiking to see what’s out there or perhaps a trip or two to Mt. Evans.

4 Responses to “Blood Money”

  1. sock hands

    27. Aug, 2008

    glad to hear! nice!

  2. Sweatpants

    27. Aug, 2008

    It looks like Woody is ever so gently rubbing your back. I’d send projects if I had someone doing that for me while i was on route as well. 😉 Good job homie

  3. hayden

    27. Aug, 2008

    area C!!!!

  4. climbingnarc

    28. Aug, 2008

    will you come rub my back while I try IOP??

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