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Alex Johnson, a recent Wisconsin transplant, is starting classes in the Fall at Colorado State. In June, Johnson won the World Cup in Vail. The past couple of weeks she has been climbing outside and dispatching hard problems with great ease. In the beginning of the month she climbed Sunspot V11 in about an hour and today she has made the hardest FFA in Colorado, climbing Clear Blue Skies V12. Several climbers, including Paul Robinson and Carlo Traversi, have registered this climb as V13, and amazingly enough, Alex climbed it in an hour and half! Well done.

For my efforts today I climbed out to the lip on Blood Money in a driving rain storm only to fall when I grabbed a soaking, lichen covered hold. This was followed by a mad dash down the trail as the thunder and lightening pounded down on us. This was one of the worst storms I have been in, as lightening was striking the ridge just a thousand feet above us. To say the least I was terrified and am now happy to be home.

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  1. mervo

    25. Aug, 2008

    Damn, I mean damn. Nice job Alex, glad you’re still alive Jamie.

  2. Max

    25. Aug, 2008

    i told you a girl would do it, dood!

    and i put 9 days into it. i will now light myself on fire.

  3. lynnatron

    25. Aug, 2008

    Get ready for a whole lot more FFA’s from that one!

  4. OBdizzy

    25. Aug, 2008

    FFA of V13 coming soon to boulders near Colorado State! Damn.

  5. climbingnarc

    25. Aug, 2008

    WI represent! It was good to meet up with you last week as well JE. Next time hopefully I will be around a bit longer so we can actually do some climbing.

  6. campusmang

    26. Aug, 2008


    YOU KNOW WHO I AM!!!!!1111

  7. ginger

    13. Sep, 2008

    Great job Alex, nice to see you are finally climbing outside, but don’t give up on the comp scene even though you keep getting screwed over!!

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