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Today I bolted out of work and ran up to the new roof project I had cleaned and chalked three weeks ago above Sunspot. Sunday I showed it to Daniel Woods and today he made the first ascent. Dave Graham has done the second. There were many good things said by all about this new boulder, which Daniel named Blood Money. The landing is a bit weird, but everything else is there. Good rock, classic and technical moves, and a great line. The V12 grade has been suggested. Well done.

Blood Money V12

Upper Chaos

Dave, Chad and I tried another new line in amidst the talus that looks to be at least V13. With things cooling down and some strong climbers in town I am sure some new great problems will be climbed in the upcoming weeks.

7 Responses to “RMNP”

  1. Bob Haron

    20. Aug, 2008

    I did this way back in the 80’s and it is called The Bubble, V9

  2. Jacob

    20. Aug, 2008

    Let the trash talking begin….

  3. trad

    20. Aug, 2008

    he didn’t do it… it wasn’t there in the 80s, neither were white people..

  4. das bpc

    21. Aug, 2008

    diggin the larger photo format.

  5. jamie

    21. Aug, 2008

    Thanks, that is something I’ve wanted to improve upon for a long time.

  6. Ryan

    22. Aug, 2008

    Cool photos nice to see more problems go up

  7. Laura

    23. Aug, 2008

    another photo of blood money :)

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