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Today I ran out of work at 3pm and went straight up to Upper Chaos. It takes a good effort to make it up there as fast as possible. I had my sights set on a nice problem to the left of Riddles in the Park. I think this has been done from a high start previously, but I was psyched on a proper sitstart. The problem starts on two good crimps and makes a big lockoff to a very nice incut sidepull for the left hand. It took my a while to sort out the feet necessary to hold the release, but after a bunch of combinations I hit upon the right one, held the swing and went to the top. Conditions were really nice for a while after a brief rainstorm. I call this new problem The Hobbit. I think it could be V10, although that is just a suggestion. Here are some pictures from Shannon Forsman.

The Hobbit


There are so many new projects in Upper Chaos and I am really psyched on every single one of them!

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  1. das bpc

    30. Jul, 2008

    i recall looking at this low start to “old chub” and thinking it looked very very difficult. nice work!

  2. Kevin

    30. Jul, 2008

    I think Phil Schaal day was news worthy, Don’t get too greedy, Lochness monster and flashing green 45 stand.

  3. josh merriam

    01. Aug, 2008

    I get motivated seeing your posts about bouldering up in RMNP. The few times I’ve been up there I haven’t known exactly where the good problems are. I’d love to go up there with some guys who know their way around sometime. Any chance of hooking up next weekend?

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