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Sunday Angie and I were back up to the Park. I am really excited about the idea of hiking just a bit further and putting up some new problems. 10 years ago it seemed silly to hike 2 miles to go bouldering. One way bouldering can progress in Colorado is to hike. It really is pretty easy to get up to Eternia, even as I did with a huge Organic pad on my back. I saw a bunch of great new problems and established a few. It’s a nice feeling going to the Park and not having such admittedly self imposed problems to climb on. As I was hiking up, I stumbled upon a nice over hang. We cleaned it up and figured out the beta. I climbed it first with a sequence that was probably V10. After a few hours Ang. figured out a different method that was probably V8.

I called it From A to Z.

We hiked around a bit more and found an overhanging wall with some very nice incuts. I have looked at this wall in previous years but it is very tall and the landing slopes away. One thing that happens in the Park every year is that problems that are very tall or would normally have death pits for landings become very reasonable. The Centaur, The Gobot, Skyscraper all become moderate with a flat snow landing. This one is outstanding, and now that I know the top, it will be interesting to see what remains when the snow is gone.


Amazing moderate in Upper Chaos

I finished up the day with a great, although contrived problem called The White Stripes. I think this was originally graded V9 but I think V8 is more appropriate. This is a Mike Auldridge FA from long ago and features a very hard shoulder move. The moves seemed impossible until I found the right foot. Here are some pictures.


The White Stripes, Upper Chaos


I would encourage people to let me know if I am claiming the first ascent of a problem that has been climbed already. I readily acknowledge that many people have hiked around and things that may seem unclimbed are not so. My goal is to provide the most accurate information possible.

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  1. baron "big poppa" von chosscrush VII

    22. Jul, 2008

    seems like the v10 to 8 thing keeps happening! shortie beta FTW!

  2. das bpc

    22. Jul, 2008

    also: all those lines look good… getting psyched for a re-visit

  3. chetroy

    24. Jul, 2008

    Wow, the snow not only keeps the temps right, but helps smooth the landings. How cool is this. Awesome looking lines Jamie.

  4. Nate

    02. Aug, 2008

    The moderate in Upper Chaos was climbed last year by a guy named Josh from Denver. I’m not sure his last name or if it was an fa. The landing is a bit gnarly once the snow melts.

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