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Posted on 15. Jul, 2008 by in RMNP


The Park seems to be the destination of choice these days although I have no particular projects or objectives. The snow is much deeper this year than last and many classics are still buried including Sunspot, Bushpilot, Potato Chip and Riddles in the Park (although this was recently dug out).

The top of Bushpilot

Its warm this time of year, even at the highest elevations and the snow will melt fast in the coming weeks.
I recently found myself in the woods, well off the trail at a line I put up last year called Into the Wild. Its a nice roof with incut crimps. I suggested V9. Here are some pictures of Brian Camp, who did all the moves. A very hard sit start remains to be climbed.

Into the Wild V9

Brian Camp

I also climbed a nice Dave Graham line to the left of The Dead Racoon. Although originally graded V10, I think V8 is a bit more appropriate for The Racoon Turd, which climbs much better than the name suggests.


Thanks again everyone for all the comments on my previous post.

7 Responses to “RMNP”

  1. wade

    15. Jul, 2008

    You know Jamie, sometimes people want to call boulder problems funny or obscene names, like racoon turd, Fook you, Tinkle torture and so on.

  2. wade

    15. Jul, 2008

    Oh yeah I forgot to mention, I’m going to aspen this weekend to check out how high the snow is in that new area and try that Trad route that Matt Segal renamed.

  3. wade

    15. Jul, 2008

    I’ll keep you posted

  4. das bpc

    16. Jul, 2008

    if this is v8 from v10 like fluid mechanics is v8 from v10, then solid v9 should be proper.

    if this is v8 from v10 like animal is v8 from v10 after the stone was moved, then solid v8 is the right ticket.

    so, what’s the word?

    is there snow in the gobot cave?

  5. jamie

    17. Jul, 2008

    Ang. did it a couple tries and concurred with the V8 suggestion. You should try it for yourself and see. I am really out of shape.

  6. Jimmy

    18. Jul, 2008

  7. chetroy

    19. Jul, 2008

    Snow in the summer, so lucky. Wish we had the issue in PA.

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