Swiss Trailer

Posted on 21. Jun, 2008 by in Bouldering Videos

Ang and I are off to Alaska on a family vacation for the second year in a row. The scenery there is stunning on the highest level and I would recommend a trip to anyone that appreciates being outside. I have edited some of our Swiss footage, all of which has gone to MC, into a trailer of sorts. Just a motivational piece to get you psyched.

10 Responses to “Swiss Trailer”

  1. Crafty

    21. Jun, 2008

    Nicely done Jamie! Have fun in Alaska.

  2. A

    21. Jun, 2008

    Motivation, check. Psyche, ON. Great vid, props.

  3. chetroy

    21. Jun, 2008

    Dude it worked, I am psyched. Enjoy Alaska, the conditions have got to be great this time of year.

  4. OBdizzy

    21. Jun, 2008

    Sick editing. Really trippy and intense. And uh, yeah, SICK looking swiss rock! Thanks. BTW whats the track?

  5. campusmang

    21. Jun, 2008

    that is not choss

  6. climbing narc

    21. Jun, 2008


  7. das bpc

    23. Jun, 2008

    when i started going faster, my face almost esplode

  8. stlou

    27. Jun, 2008

    art…check. amazing mr emerson.

  9. Joe

    05. Jul, 2008

    the song is called “take a bow” by muse
    great “trailer” and great choice of music

  10. tips

    23. Aug, 2009

    nice site indeed

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