World Cup

Posted on 09. Jun, 2008 by in News

Here are the results from America’s first Bouldering World Cup in Vail, CO.

1. Killian Fischuber, Austria
2. Gabriele Moroni, Italy
3. Paul Robinson, USA

1. Alex Johnson, USA
2. Katrina Saurwein, Austria
3. Anna Stohr, Austria

I am completely exhausted (sick in fact) from a week of long, hard days outside of physical labor. I heard from a TEVA official that 7500 people were in attendance. That seems a bit high, however the crowd was massive, Timmy O’Neil was great on the mic, and the energy was amazing. Killian made a very dramatic flash of the hardest problem to win the comp. I think almost everyone there had a really good time. Spirits were high all night long.

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  1. campusmang

    09. Jun, 2008

    congratulations to all,
    if anyone here wants to be strong- follow the training methods on Jamie’s contact page.

    nevermind its simple rest about 3 minutes in between attempts
    eat sugar before and during your session
    eat protein after the session. once a week fartlek (1-2 minutes rest inbetween climbs)

  2. adam s

    11. Jun, 2008

    i’m sorry but setting problems doesn’t even begin to enter the realm of physical labor, believe me, get well soon kitten

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