Mt. Evans

Posted on 09. Jun, 2008 by in News

Ode to the Modern Man V14
photo:Ryan Olson

4 Responses to “Mt. Evans”

  1. climbingnarc

    09. Jun, 2008

    My favorite part about this picture is the perspective it gives of the Dali boulder for those of us who have never been.

    Who is that climbing on it?

    Fantastic picture.

  2. jamie

    09. Jun, 2008

    Matt Wilder, who may have climbed it on Monday.

  3. steven

    09. Jun, 2008

    agreed with narc, gives a whole new feeling to the place…..I want to see this guy BIG

  4. climbingnarc

    10. Jun, 2008

    That’s what I thought. Very nice work.

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