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Power of Ten

Posted on 26. May, 2008 by in RMNP

Saturday, Justin Jaeger snapped some great photos of The Power of Ten V12. Check them out.




Justin has been climbing very well lately, sending Silverback V10, Stinkbug V10 and the Kind Traverse V11 in the last few weeks. He also climbed just about every variation on the Stinkbug Boulder. Justin’s infectious motivation and dedication to bouldering, while holding down a full time job, is admirable. Well done.

4 Responses to “Power of Ten”

  1. climbing narc

    26. May, 2008

    nice work to both of you…summer of sock hands at the park

  2. baron "big poppa" von chosscrush VII

    27. May, 2008

    word, thanks for the shout, jamieson!!!

    perhaps the most unique part of the day is that we all got a chance to send something just milliseconds before a snow storm hit to soak the boulder…. but each at a different time of the day since it kept happening! i forgot to finish that on my blog entry. i’ll go do. word!

  3. tissue

    27. May, 2008

    sock-handed salvo of serious summer sends. werd.

  4. campusman

    29. May, 2008

    i want to help name that variation that you flashed (Lonestar into
    Infinite Endevors)

    Internet Explorer v10

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